October 11, 2011

¡viva la revolución!

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With Occupy Wall Street marching peacefully in the streets of our fair city, we turned to one of our favorite websites for inspiration – Seletti: (R)evolution is the only solution. Revolution…meet Revolution.

photo courtesy of Seletti

And truly, the Italian company Seletti offers some revolutionary ways to stack and store – and to do it with style. One of our favorites is the Assemblage designed by Selab. Not only do the storage units nestle nicely into each other when not in use, once you decide what you’re going to store in them, there’s no limit to how to stack and design them. The 10 modules are made of wood with a whimsical silkscreen print and come with 12 metal clips to help you defy gravity while building. The end result is the look and feel of a piece of art.

photo courtesy of Seletti

We also thought the Assemblage Tricot held a different appeal though the basic design and ability to build however you want is the same as the Assemblage. What is different is the material from which it is constructed. Starched tricot creates the patterned back pieces while the four sides of the module are made of white laquered MDF (medium-density fiber board). A laquered MDF construct is a bit superior over wood in that there is no grain, reducing splitting or splintering. It also resists warping when exposed to moisture. And since it can be made entirely from recycled wood, it’s a popular choice for the environmentally conscious.

photo courtesy of Seletti

Next up is the Stack. Wowza! Now here’s a fun way to spend the afternoon. The Stack system is completely customizable to fit your needs. And the Seletti website has a built in program called the “Stack Configurator” that allows you to play and create what you want your Stack to look like before you purchase. This is exactly the type of game we love to play here at DwellWell. You can build in color or in white. Oh yes, we love options. The system has five sizes as a support base to choose from and eight smaller pieces each with a different function: safe with combination lock, file cabinet, drawers, day closet, small wardrobe, and three different storage pieces; all for coordinated or singular use. We really enjoy the industrial feel of these metal pieces. Here’s a link to their entire catalogue. We have to say just thumbing through the pages is like a walk through an art museum but with some really great space saving ideas. ¡Viva la Revolución!

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