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Wouldn’t our closets look a lot less chaotic if boots would just stand up straight?  This is what triggered the idea of designing a flexible boot-tree and Booti has done it.  The Booti boot shaper is Apple-esque in its design, merging genius functionality and sleek good looks.

Not only do Bootis make your closet more organized, they also protect your boots from creasing and therefore ensure long-term shape retention.

Bootis come in classic, medium and sport sizes so that you can easily protect your whole boot collection.  Using Bootis is super simple – just  tightly roll the Booti, place it in your boot and let it expand to fit the boot shaft.  The hole in the middle is so that Bootis can be hung when not in use, making for easy storage, unlike other clunky boot shapers.

This Booti call is sure to satisfy!

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put a little light in your life

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With the waning light of autumn, our thoughts turn to lighting options that could ease us through the darker days of winter. Looking to nature-inspired, eco-friendly solutions, we found some beautiful ideas to transform our homes in ways that will actually benefit us year round.

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How can you not love the fact that Greenworks’ Babylone light fixture has a futuristic mod design that not only serves to illuminate but houses plants as well. Plants have an air purifying effect on their surroundings; by taking in oxygen and carbon dioxide they also pull in and remove toxins. Researchers also say that plants can reduce stress by providing soothing comfort to a room. And with dry heat in our winter months, plants can help add up to 5% more moisture in the air. Add up these benefits with the sleek design and low maintenance plant care and winter starts looking good!

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Indeed, prepare to be amazed by your own patch of indoor liquid sunshine with Wagle’s Rain Large Pendant Chandelier. This breathtaking chandelier is created with an array of crystals strung on delicate filaments and hand cut for optimal clarity and sparkle. Nine embedded lights shine upon the crystals for a dazzling effect. Airy, refreshing and absolutely unique, Rain will wash away your lighting blahs. (Includes energy-efficient halogen bulbs which last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs).

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Bring a bit of nature into your home with this charming and sophisticated lamp from Bleu Nature. An exquisite display of driftwood is given new meaning with the chrome-plated blown glass lampshade on Bleu Nature’s Lamp Kiinau. Perfect for your living room, bedroom or office space, the lamp is compatible with low-energy bulbs. What better to evoke the feel of ocean beaches and sunshine than driftwood.

recycled wood with purpose

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We respect when a product is made from recycled materials while also being elevated to a piece of art. This Birdseye Bed is a prime example of sustainability, functionality and wholly artistic in the finished presentation. While it is available as a center post model, we appreciate the clean lines and open space afforded by the suspended version. Made from reclaimed Birdseye maple culled from the floors of Southern Mills, the designer states, “I am more concerned with using recycled materials in different arrangements than standardizing each piece. It is those variables that make the furniture interesting.” We certainly agree that they hit the nail on the head with this piece.

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Continuing on with reclaimed wood, these cabinets mix a bit of the old with the new. Sitting atop a new-made base, old cabinets are repurposed in new light. With dimensions of 42″ H x 34″ W x 20″ D, these eye-catching pieces offer a valuable storage space that tells an engaging story. Each piece is unique with its own story, color scheme and numbering.

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Handmade in rural Pennsylvania, this table is perfect as an entry table or the “landing strip” for your household to keep keys, phones and pocket collectibles organized. And we guarantee it will also be a conversation piece with its construct of barn beam tabletop and a base made with two pieces of recycled steel hoops that are hand cut and bent into shape. Sanded smooth and covered with clear coating, durability and shine are included for free. (Dimensions: 36″h x 33″w x 11.5″d)

nest thermostat

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We certainly appreciate a product that makes our lives easier, saves us money and supports living green. With Nest thermostat you are getting all of this and more. Developed by former Apple employees, this super sleek thermostat “learns” your heating habits and preferences and then predicts a temperature set point. Teach it energy saving habits and you’ll see the savings reflected in your heating bills. The EPA says a properly programmed thermostat can cut 20% off your heating and cooling bill.

A smart investment at $249, this sophisticated device literally learns how to keep you comfortable with little effort on your part. But don’t worry, we understand that your habits may change and so does the company that designed this thermostat. Should you find that your typical schedule changes (like coming home early from a trip), you can simply program Nest remotely from a computer or smartphone.

Due to be released at the end of November 2011, this is definitely one product that makes living better through technology.

we can see clearly now

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As space-starved New Yorkers, we love Lucite. When it comes to making a big splash in a small space Lucite is one of our go-to candidates for furniture. Since it is a clear product, it brings a light and airy quality to pieces that may otherwise be dense and heavy. By allowing the eye to “see through” the furniture, you can open up a small space with a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece.

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One of our favorites is this Magazine Table ($344) from Plexi-Craft. Talk about dual functionality. Displaying beautiful lines that are easy on the eye, this piece is both end table and magazine rack. Made from a single piece of ½” thick acrylic, the curves and angles provide storage and style. (Dimensions: 24″L x 16″D x 16½”H)

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Also from Plexi-Craft is this beautiful Grecian inspired Greek Key Scroll Table ($3,080). Greek keys are interlocking geometric designs arranged in repeating patterns.  We love it for what it symbolizes – bonds of love, friendship and devotion. And who doesn’t want a little of that in their home?  Made with 1 ¼” clear acrylic, you are getting a solid cocktail table that will inspire conversation (not to mention devotion) at your next party. (Dimensions: 48″L x 20″D x 16″H)

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These clear tables piqued our interest not only because of the Lucite construct but because they incorporate one of our space saving principles – nesting. Easily disappearing into the background when not in use, this functional three piece set offers a host of possibilities for use. Employ them during a party for snack stations or place them next to bed as a convenient side stand. Extremely versatile, you are only limited by your imagination. (Dimensions: Set of three clear nesting tables: 13.75″Wx11.5″Dx15.75″H small, 15.5″Wx11.5″Dx17.5″H medium and 17.5″Wx11.5″Dx18″H large)

go go gadget!

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We’ve been thinking about this fabulous recycling container since we saw it at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC last May. Hong Kong-based designer Catherine Mui’s GO Recycling bin features compartments topped with sculptures of a bottle, can and carton – adding clarity and a bit of humor to sorting your recyclables. This is the type of gadget that marries function with form and adds that bit of whimsy that makes us smile. The New York Times reports that manufacturing should begin this year and retail for about $60 in the US.

Photo courtesy of Husmus by Muungano

We came across this design by Muungano called the Husmus which means “house mouse” in Swedish. In general, the idea of a house mouse sends us a little over the edge but with this darling container we can’t get enough of them. It certainly brightens any recycling effort with the many different color and size options offered. These can just as easily be set out on display, as they can be stored under any kitchen cupboard. The Husmus is made from recycled plastics that are held together with plastic rivets. We love and support companies who create from recycled goods! The Husmus is easy to install and can be flat packed for easy transportation. These range between $20-$30.

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A good read from Popular Mechanics on the topic of recycling provides a couple of fresh options on recycling in the home. Don’t get too hooked on labels because we like the look of Elfa’s Medium Mesh Laundry Sorter (above) as a recycling solution. A clean, neat, contemporary style while utilizing space efficiently; this is exactly what we look for when it comes to organizing. The article also illustrates several ways to approach recycling through hanging, spinning and sliding your containers depending on how your home is structured (see illustration below). For the full article, please click here.

Illustration courtesy of iconwerk

Whatever your recycling style, we applaud the efforts everyone takes to help cut down on waste and preserve our environment. Go! Go! Gadget! Recycling!

less stuff, more happiness

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Graham Hill really lit up our day with this TED talk! He asks the all important questions: Can having less – less stuff, less space – lead to more happiness? In our organizing world, we speak to people all the time who are trying to make the most out of their homes while maintaining a connection to the things that they’ve bought. In this talk, Graham asks us to stand back and really assess what we have, what we need, what can we do without. He challenges us to examine our lives and to edit out what isn’t necessary; and in doing so, the potential to gain a little more time, a little more freedom becomes available. And that in living with less, your footprint is smaller and sustainability is greater.

Watch the full video. It’s only 6 minutes long and his ideas are simple yet amazing, and you can see how he converted his 420 sq ft Manhattan apartment into an incredible home worthy of a DwellWell standing ovation.

But before we go, let us leave you with three rules Graham presents for editing your life.

1. Edit ruthlessly – cut out the extraneous and learn to stem the inflow.
2. Think small – small is sexy. Focus on things that stack, nest or can be digitized.
3. Multifunctional spaces and housewares – a sink combined with a toilet, a dining     table becomes a bed or a little side table that expands to seat 10.

making the most of your closet

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We all know what a precious commodity space is in our NYC apartments and that we often have to “build up” to make the most of what we’ve got. This concept applies equally well in our closet space (if you’re lucky enough to have a closet!). Take advantage of these space saving approaches to hanging clothes in the closet from Ikea.

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Depending on you closet situation, the easiest way to get 5 pairs of pants in the space of one hanger is the Brallis clothes hanger. And priced at $3.99 it’s easy on your wallet as well.

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And how do you deal with all of your clothing accessories like scarves, ties, belts, etc? Ikea offers the Komplement multi-use hanger for only $7.99. With one simple “hanger” you can stack up to 28 different articles.

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And if you’ve got an inclination to build out your closet to create more space, then Komplement comes to the rescue again with their slide out pants hanger. It’s a little pricier than our other options ($40) but when placed under a shelf, this sliding hanger holds up to 14 pairs of pants. There’s a little tray built in where you can store cuff links, rings, or other such accessories. We like the example in the photo where shirts are stacked on top of the pants in the closet and the addition of a shelf is always a handy space saver.

¡viva la revolución!

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With Occupy Wall Street marching peacefully in the streets of our fair city, we turned to one of our favorite websites for inspiration – Seletti: (R)evolution is the only solution. Revolution…meet Revolution.

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And truly, the Italian company Seletti offers some revolutionary ways to stack and store – and to do it with style. One of our favorites is the Assemblage designed by Selab. Not only do the storage units nestle nicely into each other when not in use, once you decide what you’re going to store in them, there’s no limit to how to stack and design them. The 10 modules are made of wood with a whimsical silkscreen print and come with 12 metal clips to help you defy gravity while building. The end result is the look and feel of a piece of art.

photo courtesy of Seletti

We also thought the Assemblage Tricot held a different appeal though the basic design and ability to build however you want is the same as the Assemblage. What is different is the material from which it is constructed. Starched tricot creates the patterned back pieces while the four sides of the module are made of white laquered MDF (medium-density fiber board). A laquered MDF construct is a bit superior over wood in that there is no grain, reducing splitting or splintering. It also resists warping when exposed to moisture. And since it can be made entirely from recycled wood, it’s a popular choice for the environmentally conscious.

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Next up is the Stack. Wowza! Now here’s a fun way to spend the afternoon. The Stack system is completely customizable to fit your needs. And the Seletti website has a built in program called the “Stack Configurator” that allows you to play and create what you want your Stack to look like before you purchase. This is exactly the type of game we love to play here at DwellWell. You can build in color or in white. Oh yes, we love options. The system has five sizes as a support base to choose from and eight smaller pieces each with a different function: safe with combination lock, file cabinet, drawers, day closet, small wardrobe, and three different storage pieces; all for coordinated or singular use. We really enjoy the industrial feel of these metal pieces. Here’s a link to their entire catalogue. We have to say just thumbing through the pages is like a walk through an art museum but with some really great space saving ideas. ¡Viva la Revolución!

modern cat designs

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While you might think you’re looking at a stereo speaker, the cat poking his head out is a bit confusing. Unless…you realize that this is actually a Contemporary Litter Box Hider. The folks at Modern Cat Designs have the perfect solution for keeping pet owners organized and kitties clean. And though we saw a few variations of this design, what we liked was the simple lines, chrome legs and the cute little “C” with cat ears on the front. All in all a stylish retro feel adds to the décor instead of subtracting from it.

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And it’s not simply the outside design that makes this litter box cover so impressive. Open the inside, where you place your litter pan on the bottom, and you’ll discover 2 hooks on the walls. Hang your scooper out of sight on one of the hooks until you need it. When you need to clean the litter, remove the scooper, suspend your plastic bag from the two hooks and voila! You’ll discover an easy, no mess way to clean the litter. No longer will little bits of litter stray on the floor as you clean because it’s all contained over the litter pan.

For those of us with space issue, this will fit easily in any room and by turning the 8” entryway towards a wall (leaving room for kitty to enter and exit) it becomes a lovely stand where plants, books or other knick knacks can be displayed. And no one the wiser that it’s actually where kitty does his private business.

The Contemporary Kitty Litter Hider comes in two colors, brown and white, and retails for a little over $200. Pricey, we know, but worth the cost since it is made out of a high pressure laminate which is helpful when kitty has a little problem with aiming (cleans easily and urine won’t soak in). Made to assemble in under 20 minutes; can we hear a meow? MEOW!

Front opening: 8″ wide, great for larger cats.
Outside Dimensions: 21.5″ L 18.5″ W 20.75″ H
Inside Dimensions: 20″ L 17″W 17.5″ H

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