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From the entryway to the kitchen, the kids’ bedrooms to the car, here’s a treasury of empowering ways to get yourself and your family organized. Within its 272 colorful pages, you’ll find out how to get a human being on the phone when calling customer service and what papers you need to save for taxes (and for how long) and all kinds of other juicy tidbits to help you unclutter and streamline your life. 317 easy-to-scan solutions to everyday aggravations make “What’s a Disorganized Person to Do?” an indispensable guide to controlling clutter. How do you keep from misplacing your cell phone or house keys? What’s the best way to organize the fridge? How do you pack efficiently for a trip? What to do with your child’s copious artwork. Find all these answers and more in this ultimate organizing bible.

“A must-have for every household, not to mention every desperate housewife.” ~ Teri Hatcher