beth, Vice President, The Corcoran Group:
I have used DwellWell personally and for clients. Personable, fun to work with and able to transform a space in record time. They are able to take on even the most daunting organization tasks. Worth every single penny.

irma, Trend Forecaster and Consultant, The Zandl Group
An on-call personal assistant is something that we can all find helpful. The DwellWell team has experience working for a number of very high-profile and demanding celebs and entrepreneurs who have very precise and exacting standards. Its a brilliant idea that is totally on trend.

camille, general manager, private club
It’s like Zipcar for personal assistants.

julie, Neonatologist
This is better than therapy!

maury, Celebrity Hairstylist
When the accumulation of books on how to control clutter became part of the clutter, I admitted to myself that it was a task needing an objective evaluation. DwellWell has designed a system for me that eliminates all of the confusion about what is important to keep or file and what should be tossed, recycled or donated. Their no-nonsense approach is logical, simple and easy to maintain. They make organization sexy.

andy, Psychoanalyst
DwellWell brought humor to the part of my world that was a depressing burden and quickly chaos became order. Now I use them on a regular basis to maintain that which they constructed.

tabitha, Meditation Instructor
While organizing my files, Stacey asked insightful questions that helped me re-evaluate what I file, what I keep and what I attend to in a new light. Needless to say, I no longer have a file titled “credit issues” but one titled “credit reports” which I update once a year to make sure everything is squeaky clean! What a fantastic feeling to have freed that negative energy lurking in the once dark recesses of my filing cabinet.

joanne, Business Owner
I ended up feeling a lot better than if I had gone to a spa.

jane, Journalist
I feel like I’ve lost ten pounds.

florencia, Actor
Sarah made me feel calm. Never once did she seem to lose her confident sense that everything would be taken care of. I loved having her around, She worked hard, has a great sense of humor and is passionate about what she does.

tammy, Writer & Editor
I had been contemplating a major renovation to make our new space accommodate our family. By the time DwellWell finished, I realized I didn’t need it. What a bargain! Worth every penny.