Organization. Your space. Only better.

Whether you are mildly or wildly disorganized, we can help you put clutter in its place and reclaim your domain. Operating on the principle that a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind, we purge your piles and cull your chaos to restore order and clarity. We custom design systems to create a healthier home with happier inhabitants.

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On-Site Consultation ($200 one time fee)

In order to work efficiently, we start the process of organizing with this initial 1-hour consultation. We tour your domain to prescribe a course of action. We’ll recommend supplies and products to facilitate the organizing process. We’ll then follow up with a written proposal.

On-Site Organizing ($85 - $125 per hour)

Work with one of our hands-on clutter consultants to transform your space. 

Organizing Services Include:

Transforming your physical space

  • Revamp closets for increased household flow
  • Maximize efficiency in the kitchen
  • Set up or revitalize home offices
  • Declutter kids’ rooms

  • Digitizing your life

  • Streamline filing & bill pay systems
  • Digitize to reduce paper
  • Catalogue kids' artwork
  • Organize photos & digital photos
  • Catalogue art, antiques & collectibles

  • Easing life's transitions
  • Make room for partner
  • Welcome baby or second baby
  • Additional Services ($50 - $75 per hour)

  • Shopping for organization supplies
  • Donation drop-off
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