Relocation. Don't go it alone.

Moving is considered one of the five most stressful events in life. Good news is you don’t have to do it alone. DwellWell’s relocation team will manage any aspect of your move from decluttering in preparation to sell to orchestrating the actual move to unpacking and organizing your new home. We specialize in seamless transitions, freeing you from unnecessary stress and lost time. We’ll consult with you to create an exact roadmap for your move and expertly orchestrate and execute every last detail.  Whether you’re relocating, upgrading, downsizing, adding on or going solo, we’ll ensure that moving your nest doesn’t ruffle your feathers.

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On-site Consultation ($200 one-time fee)

In order to understand the scope of your move, we start the process with this initial 1-hour consultation. We tour your current home (and your new one, if possible) to prescribe a course of action. We’ll recommend movers and other resources and discuss timing to streamline the moving process. We’ll then follow up with a written proposal.

Relocation Services ($85 - $125 per hour)

Work with our team of hands-on relocation experts to provide a stress-free (and dare we say, fun?) moving experience.

Relocation Services Include:

Prep work on the move-out side to ensure an efficient move 
We essentially pre-organize to make sure things get packed up in a way that will make unpacking fast and easy.  Prep is very important if there are a lot of moving parts with items going to storage or multiple locations. Its also a great way to eliminate accumulated clutter prior to moving.

Oversee packing, loading and unloading 
Once we've done the prep work, we oversee the move to create a detailed inventory (with images) of items going to storage or elsewhere.  We've got moving day down, leaving you free to go to the office, out to lunch or even to the spa.

Unpacking & setting up systems of organization throughout 
We direct the movers in your new home and strategically unpack boxes to ensure a comfortable first night.  From there, we unpack and organize you in record time, planning and executing needed storage solutions throughout the home. 

Additional Services (prices vary)

  • Change of address
  • Donation drop-off
  • Clothing & furniture consignment
  • Handyman services
  • Art installation
  • TV installation
  • Art and/or fine furniture inventory
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