Space Aura. Your space. Cleansed, energized, protected.

Your space holds your energy and the energy of those who have occupied it before you. Even a new home can accumulate heavy or even toxic energies which can adversely affect your subtle anatomy and hence the quality of your life. Space Aura is about cleansing negativity, coming into Ayni, or right relationship with your environment and creating a template for harmony, abundance, health and joy. Rooted in the ancient shamanic wisdom of the Andean Q'ero Indians, Space Aura is designed to create a powerful influence not only on your home but on you and your family as well.

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Space Clearing (prices vary)

Space Blessing (starting at $350)

Shamanic Healing Sessions ($175/hour)

Shamanic healing sessions involve working with the subtle energy body and at the level of the soul in order to create positive change in the body and mind.

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